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Is CyberPowerPC Worth for Buying?

The market for gaming PCs is full of options. Lots of brands focus solely on this category and try outing up the perfect gaming solution for every user. Many gamers pick CyberPowerPC as their gaming computers. It’s a great choice for those who don’t want to spend lots of money on the hardware. In case you find it hard to pick the desktop, deal with the challenge by getting to know more about CyberPowerPC. Today, we’ll learn more about the company as well as the products they offer. You’ll also get to know more about the advantages and disadvantages of the desktops.

What is CyberPowerPC?

First of all, that’s the name of the company that was established over 20 years ago. CyberPowerPC specializes in gaming-oriented computer hardware and makes various solutions starting from low-cost options to high-end tech.

One of the reasons for its popularity is the huge selection of options you can order via website for custom-built machines.

The company sells third-party components prepared in complete ready-to-break packages. All the products can be brought down to 3 main series:

  • Tracer Series,
  • Vector Series.
  • Fangbook Series.

Tracer is a low-cost series that features previous generations of graphics cards and CPUs. Vector is more expensive and, as a rule, contains current-generation components as well as unlocked CPU. Fangbook has only the high-end models and this is the most expensive series. Aside from the desktops, the company released a Steam Machine gaming console.

When you aren’t gaming, you can use the PC for ordinary computing tasks as well as media editing, productivity tasks, word processing, etc.

The pros and cons of CyberPowerPC

Talking about the products they offer, it’s easy to notice some general advantages of picking this brand.

  • First of all, most users agree that this is a well-priced brand. You pay a reasonable price and get high-quality gaming computers.
  • You can expect solid overall performance since each element is picked to match the rest.
  • The case design is also often discussed. It’s nice, stylish, and modern.
  • The pre-built model comes with a warranty that you don’t have if you put the desktop together by yourself.
  • Fast processor and plenty of storage space let you play any kind of video game without losing the quality of performance/image, etc.
  • There are very affordable models.
  • You can upgrade and add certain parts since the case provides enough space for the improvements.

On the other hand, some things can be treated as drawbacks or even disadvantages.

One of those is the audible fan noise. Unfortunately, most models come with this issue. So, if you get easily irritated by the sound, look for another option.

The selection of options you can buy is not that big either. If you are a serious (or even professional) gamer, you probably won’t find anything suitable.

Some users also mark that CyberPowerPC is not durable. While this isn’t an objective opinion, the situation can depend on various factors.

The verdict on CyberPowerPC

All in all, it’s an affordable solution for beginners and those who like occasionally playing video games. The PCs are capable of running most of the games and have decent features. Some pre-configured models offer the best value if you are limited in budget. In case money isn’t an issue, you’d better explore more expensive solutions from other brands.