Key Online security measures for entering protect virtual space

In today’s world, information is a necessary element that ensures the functionality of any system along with material equipment. This article will consider the virtual data room as secure storage for information. 

Security of confidential company data in Digital Data Rooms

In fact, there have always been concerns from business owners who use Virtual Data Rooms in their work. The fact is that there is still no universal model that can ensure reliable storage of information. If the data enters the outer cloud, it is difficult to say how protected it is and whether it will not be stolen, or altered overtime at the request of competitors or attackers who invade other people’s repositories constantly.

To avoid data leakage, many companies are developing their own protection mechanisms, which work on some specific principles, as there were no general provisions in this regard. Eventually, certain sets of rules began to appear, and as a result, the developed forms of protection became somewhat similar to each other. First of all, special security standards have been introduced, which must be followed by all owners of IT structures. This is ISO / IEC 27017, which is a concise guide to data security measures in cloud services. In addition, attention should be paid to the standard ISO / IEC 27018, which is a set of practices for the protection of personal data in a situation where it is stored in public Data Rooms. Adhering to international standards, you can bring the protection system to perfection and at the same time certify it (having received confirmation of its functionality and reliability). As a result, the relevant authorities will not be able to make a claim and demand the immediate cessation of the storage of personal data or their provision.

It is also important that the virtual infrastructure management networks and the Data Room environment are separated logically and physically to prevent unauthorized interference.

Online security measures to protect your data

To avoid data leakage, many companies are developing their own protection mechanisms, which work on some specific principles, as there were no general provisions in this regard.

Virtual Data Room uses the following measures to keep your information safe:

  • the encryption of virtual hard drives, which are located outside the scope of the client’s physical access.When read from a disk, the data is decrypted and when written to disk is encrypted. The keys are stored on a separate key management server, which first checks the credentials and integrity of the cloud server that sent the request. In the case of a positive response, the key is provided and the cloud server accesses the stored information and cloud resources;
  • combining data encryption and secure transmission technologies. To increase the safe use of cloud technologies, it is advisable to use intrusion detection and firewall systems with control of external connections to the virtualization environment using hardware solutions, and internal – using software solutions, thus implementing a combined approach;
  • loggers made by cloud servers, which serve as an important source of information during engineering examinations, allow you to quickly detect an attacker’s attack. Therefore, the preservation of log records for the life of the cloud server is an important, necessary measure and will allow further analysis of data collection, their integration, and output to external tools, security platforms, or information security event management systems.

The entire data protection procedure is based on confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility. In the case of cloud computing, data is stored in data centers, where data security and privacy are even more important.