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Avast Premier: Is it Really Best Antivirus?

Avast is a well-known company that specializes in antivirus software. It offers numerous solutions for everyday users, business owners, etc. Millions of users from all across the globe are loyal to this program since it delivers great results and is very convenient. Today, we’ll discuss one of the premium options you can get, Avast Premier. You’ll find out what the software offers, its pros and cons as well as if it’s worth buying.

A general overview of Avast Premier

The latest version is cheaper this year as the price is reduced to $70 per year. Nevertheless, compared to other Avast products and antivirus software offered by other companies, it cost more than the average price is.

The reason for such a high pricing policy is in all the extra tools that come as a part of the bundle. You don’t only get core protection. The program has improved its anti-phishing tech and game mode. Besides, the smart scan is also better now. Every user also gets:

  • The Data Shredder,
  • The Password Manager,
  • SecureLine VPN, etc.

So, you may stop spending money on buying these tools from other providers. Antivirus also offers webcam blocker, Do Not Disturb Mode, etc.

The interface is very similar to other Avast products. It has 4 modules which include Status, Protection, Privacy, and Performance. Every module is packed with features. Adjust them to your preferences. Avast Premier has 2 new extras to secure your safety. They are Core Shields and Virus Chest.

The performance of Avast Premier is excellent, too. The results of the independent tests have shown 99.2% protection from zero-day threats and 99.9%-100% protection from malware.

The pros and cons of using Avast Premier

The advantages of antivirus include simple scans. It’s absolutely simple to perform any type of scan you want. Even a beginner can do it.

It’s also important to mention the high results in independent testing. All the tests have proved that this is a worthy solution to protect your desktop or laptop from various online threats, malware, etc.

Numerous extra tools come as a nice touch, too. Especially, if you use them anyway. For instance, there is no more need to spend money on VPN services since a VPN is already included. The bundle also comes with a firewall to secure your online activities.

Finally, the antivirus is lightweight and doesn’t influence the PC’s performance much. It’s quick and easy to install as well as uninstall. The first scan after the installation can take some time but the future scans will be quicker.

On the other side, Avast Premier has one huge disadvantage. It’s a price tag. The software is more expensive than similar antivirus solutions from other leaders in this industry. Another thing that should be improved is the automatic scanning of the new drives. When you connect a new device to your computer, antivirus doesn’t scan it.

The verdict on Avast Premier

All in all, Avast Premier is a reasonable choice. When you require reliable antivirus protection, it’s a decent option. You get very good protection and many extra tools in one package. There are lots of advantages and millions of satisfied users to prove that. However, this is a rather pricey option, so in case you are tight on the budget, simply pick a similar program for a much lower price.